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With MCB Juice you can...

Scan to Pay

Yet another quick and easy way to use your digital wallet to pay for your purchase. Simply scan the merchant’s QR code via the "Scan to Pay" feature, enter the amount, and it’s done!

Manage accounts

Manage all your personal MCB accounts and conveniently add your external bank accounts.

Keep an eye on your portfolio

Revolutionize your investment experience with our portfolio feature. Stay informed with real-time updates, track valuations, and explore asset allocation and currency breakdowns by region. Experience data-driven investing today!

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Let’s get started

1. Get the MCB Juice

Scan the QR code to download the app

2. Create your account

Simply register using your debit card or credit card and acknowledge our “Terms and Conditions”.

Rest assured, your data is safe with us! The whole process is encrypted, and the information you enter will remain confidential, thanks to our data protection policy.


3. Verify your mobile number

This number will be linked to your Juice account for all Juice transactions, authentication and communication.

Watch out for the 6-digit verification you will receive by SMS. Enter it, and there comes your final step!


4. Secure your account:

With your fingerprint, face recognition, or a 4-digit PIN.

Want a particularly secure PIN? Avoid consecutive numbers, repetitive numbers and your birth date.

Keep an eye on your portfolio!

With the portfolio feature, you can now:

• Stay up to date with all your portfolios

• Check your total investment valuation, as well as the valuation per portfolio

• View the asset allocation split and currency breakdown per asset class now sorted by region

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Two-factor authentication

This method of authentication is among the most secure ones, as it combines your unique MPIN with a one-time code sent to your registered phone number. This allows us to make sure the user is who he claims to be, and considerably decreases risks of fraud.

Norton secured

Juice transactions are secured by Norton online banking protection. This system, designed to prevent intrusions, relies on a combination of AI behavioural and antivirus engines to keep financial transactions private and secure.

MPin or Biometrics

Coupled with the rest of our safety mechanisms, an unpredictable, well-kept MPIN, or the use of biometric identification remain important to authenticate your identity in order to initiate your transaction. Remember never to share your MPIN and to change it periodically for utmost security.

Frequently asked questions

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